Saturday, March 24, 2007


North Shore Hawaii
You know what we mean when we say it with a sigh, or in a bar, or from a hospital bed recovering from that nasty wipeout at Waimea Bay. You too, you know. When in a superstitious whisper, you tell us it's one of the best adventures youever had. A month, a year, half a lifetime, whatever you managed to squeak out on that stretch of island, it was by far, the best thing you have ever done. Sure, it's crowded, sometimes, some places. Sure, they even make movies for TV there now, and the traffic is insane. But, hey, why are you driving anyhow? You're there for ONE very good reason, yes? We don't need to mention it here, in such a public forum, but you and I both know. Good luck, and fortune to you on your Adventures. When you need to slow down a bit, fly over to Maui and visit Tiwaka's Bar & Grill

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